Sunset from my porch.

The house across the street is called O'Donnell's Folly. I know its history all too well after hearing the carriage tour guides tell the story about 8 times a day for ten years. Patrick O'Donnell was a wealthy merchant who fell in love with a beautiful young woman. When they got engaged he told her he wanted to build her a house as beautiful as she was before they got married. It took him so long to complete the house that she ran off with another man and so the house became known as O'Donnell's Folly.

Although the tour guides say he lived his life as 'a broken hearted bachelor' in the house, I have a feeling O'Donnell was more interested in the house than the woman. Its beautiful and I am blessed to see it in the morning when I open the curtains. In the evening I watch the sunset turn its grey stucco walls pink and lavender. They date the house to 1851 and it's for sale if you'd like to be my neighbor...